In general, an automotive vehicle obtains its driving power by rotating wheels using the power generated while burning fossil fuels, such as gasoline or diesel. However, the conventional automotive vehicle is considered as one of major factors of environmental pollution due to greenhouse gases generated during combustion of fossil fuels, such as carbon dioxide, and other contaminants.

Therefore, in order to solve the problem, research into environmentally friendly vehicles, such as a solar vehicle, an electric car or a fuel cell vehicle, is actively conducted.

Among others, the electric car is vigorously researched and developed. However, since condensing technology of the electric car is unsatisfactory, there are still many problems to be commercialized due to a long charging time and a short discharging time. Therefore, development of a hybrid vehicle capable of reducing the amount of fossil fuels used by using both fossil fuels and electric energy is actively under way, and several types of hybrid vehicles are currently mass produced.

A newly developed hybrid solution based on both issued patents BG 65421 B1 and BG 65420 B1 – inventor and patent holder George Tonchev.