Synergy solar PV and irrigation system exploits water for cooling of solar PV panels. The invention discloses a cooling water shower over a photovoltaic panel die in a solar PV power generation system, belonging to the technical field of mechanical tooling and clamps for forming the cooling water tank in the solar PV power generation system. The die comprises a lower die main body and an upper die main body which take the shapes of rectangular plates, wherein the lower die main body adopts a flat plate structure, and identical arc-shaped concave parts like wavy curves and identical trapezoidal concave parts relative to the formed structure of the cooling water tank are integrally and correspondingly formed on the upper die main body. By adopting the structure, the cooling water tank structure in the solar PV power generation system can be formed by one-step conjunction, the quality of the cooling water tank can be guaranteed and the effect of cooling water tank batch processing can be realized.
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Author, Inventor, designer and patent holder George Tonchev Ph.D.

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