The hydro power plant construction is designed with newly invented undershot water flow paddle wheels with articulated paddles self boosted for free by periphery gravity impulses.

As a final result power output of our newly patented construction (both fixed and floating) hydrokinetic energy power plants with gravity boosted turbines generates clean power about three times more in the comparison with known hydrokinetic energy power plants in the same conditions. The cost off electricity is about 30 Euros per MWh and expected life span is 50 years.

Our Team have developed several technologies and devices to overcome problem with low energy density of slow moving water streams.
Prior art hydropower systems utilize potential energy of water from dams, called hydroelectric plants, to generate electrical power. Now days prior art hydro systems consider as not environmental friendly. Instead, the hydrokinetic power plants are developing. But there is a deficiency in utilization of slow moving, water current flows, particularly river and tidal currents close to sea side population and industry. Our newly invented technologies capture not only kinetic energy of natural flow. We have developed number of radical new solutions that exploit free gravitational forces, as well.

Velocity is a factor in the amount of hydrokinetic energy that can be extracted from flowing water. Several prior art hydrokinetic electrical generators work in very high velocity or flow environments, such as in the range of 3, 4 or 5 meters per second (about 6, 8 or 10 knots). While these high water velocities offer the potential for the extraction of large amounts of hydrokinetic energy, these velocities are present in a very small percentage of the world’s ocean waters.

Author, Inventor, Designer and Patent Holder George Tonchev Ph.D

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