In general, an automotive vehicle obtains its driving power by rotating wheels using the power generated while burning fossil fuels, such as gasoline or diesel. However, the conventional automotive vehicle is considered as one of major factors of environmental pollution due to greenhouse gases generated during combustion of fossil fuels, such as carbon dioxide, […]

Read More → Newly patented armored wheel with two concentric rims “Newly invented armored wheel for military and non military vehicles”. This is a radical new invention. Using a newly invented and patented wheel structure, the new armored wheel includes two tires on two separate concentric rims. The new armored wheel summarizes all advantages of both pneumatic inflatable […]

Read More → Our Team have developed several technologies and devices to overcome problem with low energy density of slow moving water streams. See text and videos below. Prior art hydropower systems utilize potential energy of water from dams, called hydroelectric plants, to generate electrical power. Now days prior art hydro systems consider as not environmental friendly. […]

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