A newly invented wind-capturing electrical generator device (see video) comprising a plurality of generators driven by wind created by traffic passing downway in close proximity. The devices uses transversally mounted hybrid types Darrieus Savonius-wind turbines in order to capture the wind and produce electrical energy. A plurality of electrical generator devices may be mounted in a configuration such that they are in close proximity to vehicular passageways (e.g., highway overpasses, tunnels, or train rails). The wind created by the traffic is used to rotate the hybrid blades and their attached generators in order to produce electrical energy.
It aimed to reduce overspeed of vehicles and simultaneously capturing energy to generate usable power.

All Inventions at this channel are called to answer the problems caused by low efficiency and high investment costs of the conventional renewable power facilities. My team have developed and realized a lot of solutions in the field of renewable energy conversion machines and automotive fuel saving technologies.

The usable renewable power generated by new invented high efficient energy converters significantly reduced environmental impacts and have a longer lifespan. They are easy to operate and provide a reasonable amount of low cost usable power without requiring frequent or expensive maintenance.

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