It is a novel module of power farm WORLD’S FIRST INVISIBLE UNDERWATER SURFACE DAMLESS SEA HYDRO KINETIC POWER PLANT to produce any amount (HP) of hydro power 24 hours a day and 365 days a year from SEA. It comprises Turbine-generator (s) installed on tower to produce electricity and giant reciprocating plates operate as prime movers of power generators.
It can produce the cheapest electricity in the world several cent U.S per kWh. It will take 6 to 12 months to construct and produce electricity in my method.
We do not need oil natural gas uranium thorium coal any more. We do not need wind power solar power tidal power wave power geothermal power OTEC power or any other power any more. My novel method is purely a green technology and will solve the present power crisis and will solve the world’s power crisis for ever.
The video discloses several patented inventions of underwater erectuble wave power modules which can be used in conjunction or separately, it is advantages to use them together in one area as hydrokinetic power farm to reduce costs.
The present disclosure refers to an underwear power farm that generates electricity from sea waves and comprises unique components that enable the power plant to adjust itself to various weather conditions and to the location of the power plant close to the shore. Such components include unique self oriented movable tower structures; systems and components that can rise the the prime mover and connected power generators above the water surface for maintenance. And submerge them back to the bottom of the sea.

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