Newly patented SOLEXTRA TM block technologies for homes and modular buildings
Full prefabricated houses SOLEXTRA TM with high degree of passive insulation of both window glasses and walls

The utmost advantage which SOLEXTRA TM house provides is the reduction of internal building temperature down to 80% in comparison with the outside temperature, thanks to the new thermal insulating technologies for both window glasses and wall.
In addition, High-grade furniture and luxurious bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom will certainly provide you with a pleasant atmosphere.
SOLEXTRA TM block house is designed to adapt to various terrains and weather, which can vanish your worry as moving to a new location. Indeed. It’s so great own SOLEXTRA TM block home of dreams. SOLEXTRA TM block technologies also can be applied widely in the fields of commercial and industrial application. Prefabricated passive houses SOLEXTRA TM with high level of insulation of both window glasses and walls

In accordance with number of my issued patents BG 65 691 (B1), BG 65 666 (B1) etc.

George Tonchev is the award winner of this year’s Heineken competition for the best green innovation for newly patented window glass insulation

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