Newly patented armored wheel with two concentric rims

“Newly invented armored wheel for military and non military vehicles”.
This is a radical new invention. Using a newly invented and patented wheel structure, the new armored wheel includes two tires on two separate concentric rims. The new armored wheel summarizes all advantages of both pneumatic inflatable tires and solid (non-inflatable) ones. All disadvantages of these two basic types of tires are avoided.

What are the advantages of solid rubber tires?

Solid tires cannot go flat. They can be damaged, but it is unlikely that one incident will render a solid rubber tire inoperable, unlike what happens to a pneumatic tire in a similar scenario. Solid tires are maintenance-free. They are replaced when they become worn out or fully damaged. They can withstand punctures and debris and still operate well. Pneumatic tires, on the other hand, risk failure due to punctures and debris. And even without damage that may cause a flat tire, they must still be checked and refilled with air regularly to keep them inflated properly. Solid rubber tires are popular in terrain that could pose puncture hazards to rubber tires, and where ride comfort and weight are less of a factor. Tractors, forklifts and similar equipment often use solid rubber tires.

What about the advantages of pneumatic rubber tires?

Pneumatic tires offer better shock absorption for a smoother ride and are much lighter than solid rubber tires. Pneumatic tires are used almost exclusively where speed, weight and ride comfort are a factor, such as on automobiles and aircrafts. Pneumatic tires can be fully covered with a safety sheet. The safety sheet is rotating with the tires.