Dr. eng. George Tonchev has graduated from the Higher School of Aviation (Bulgaria) and the Technical University (Bulgaria). He also holds a PhD in technical science and IT.

He has a masters degree in IT – France, and economics (corporate capital structuring – Germany) and has been renowned for his deep expertise in above mentioned fields.

From 1983 until now, he has successfully implemented several hundred inventions in the field of power and civil engineering, green energy & energy/fuel saving technologies, telecommunications, computer aided text analysis, automotive and military industry, medical and prophylactic systems etc.

George Tonchev has worked on the design and construction of power systems at home and abroad. He has also been involved in the development of dozens of projects and facilities that involve wind, solar and hydrokinetic power. Automotive and military industries, medical diagnosis, therapy systems and noninvasive and prophylactic methods for human therapy.

Since 1991, he has published more than 30 books on the topics of business and renewable energy. Over the past ten years he has been working mainly on the design and practical operation of renewable energy sources (RES), energy efficiency and noninvasive therapy medical systems and methods for system operation.

You can check some of prof. Tonchev’s released books at the following linkBOOKS
Official publications for some of his patents can be seen herehttp://bit.ly/PatentTonchev

We are proud to announce that George Tonchev is the award winner of Heineken ( Zagorka ) competition for the best green innovation !